The Drowes Salmon Fishery The Drowes Salmon Fishery
The Drowes Salmon Fishery The Drowes Salmon Fishery

Fishing Tackle for fishing The Drowes & Lough Melvin

Spinning/Bait Fishing:

Ideally the Angler intent on Spinning, worming or Shrimping should come equipped with a suitable spinning or worming rod about 10′ to 12′ in length. It should be matched to a reel loaded with line of no less than 12Lb breaking Strai and capable of launching small baits to about 40 or 50g.

A net, wading gear and suitable wet weather wear are recommended and a selection of spinners to include Rappalas, Tobies, Silver and Gold Devon Minnows, spoons and Flying C’s. Depending on the state of the water, each are succesful lures. We stock a limited range at our tackle shop on the Estate.

Fly Fishing:

A 10′ 6″ Single hander handling a #7 line or more would be recommended as a good all rounder on the Drowes under most conditions. However with a little wind about a 14′ double hander handling #8 or 9 lines with an assortment of tips should be adequate to cope and should be considered especially for Spring conditions.

The Drowes is a relatively narrow as well as shallow river and wading is not really encouraged or necessary. However one may find a pair of waders an asset in wet conditions and should not be left behind!

Salmon Flies – Recommended Patterns:

Silver Rat, Lady Etna, Silver Doctor, Ally Shrimp, Bann Special, Foxford Shrimp, Apache Shrimp, Hairy Mary, Thunder & Lightning, Peter Ross and Curry’s Red Shrimp.

Hook – sizes: Spring Salmon 8-12, Grilse 12-16

Name: Bann Special Shrimp Foxford Shrimp
Tag: Oval Silver Oval Silver
Tail: Golden Pheasant
Red Breast Feather
Golden Pheasant
Red Breast Feather
Rib: Oval Silver Oval Silver
Rear Body: Yellow Floss/Seals’ Fur Black Seals’ Fur
Middle Hackle: Hot Orange Badger Cock
Front Body: Black Floss/Seals’ fur Fiery Brown Seals’ fur
Cheeks: Jungle Cock Roofed Jungle Cock
Front Hackle: Silver Badger Rich Ginger
Head: Black Red
Name: Apache Shrimp Wilkinson (Light) Shrimp
Tag:  Oval Silver  Oval Silver
Tail:  Golden Pheasant
Red  Breast Feather
 Golden Pheasant
Red  Breast Feather
Rib:  Oval Silver  Oval Silver
Rear Body:  Golden Yellow Floss  Flat Silver Tinsel
Middle Hackle:  Golden Yellow  Magenta Cock
Front Body:  Scarlet Floss/Seals’ fur  Flat Silver Tinsel
Cheeks:  Roofed Jungle Cock
Front Hackle:  Scarlet  Medium Blue
Head:  Black  Red

River Fishing for Trout:

A rod of about 8’6″ to 10′ in length handling a #5 or 6 line should be adequate to take fish on the Drowes. Small flies work well to about size 22 and recommended flies include the Duster the Badger & Black, Olives Blae Black etc.