First Day of Fishing Season 2017 Draws Blank

 In Fishing Reports

The first day of the 2017 salmon season has ended without any fish being reported. Over one hundred anglers wetted a line on the first day of the season in near perfect conditions but apart from reports of a couple of fish lost, none were landed on the first day of the season.
Despite heavy rain yesterday, water levels barely rose to just 0.606 metres on the gauge this evening. The day was mainly dry and sunny in a northerly breeze, turning bitterly cold this evening.
The forecast is for further bright, dry conditions for tomorrow, remaining cold with top temperatures of 3 to 5 degrees. The weather will turn milder and cloudier from Tuesday in westerly winds, remaining dry with temperatures of 7 to 8 degrees.
Thanks to all the anglers who made the trip to the river today. In current conditions I cant imagine the wait for the first silver of 2017 will last much longer.
Happy New Year and Tight Lines.

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